Hacktoberfest 2018

Oct 12, 2018 · 1 min read
Hacktoberfest 2018

Here’s how the first Hacktoberfest event in Bulgaria was organized.

If you don’t already know that, Hacktoberfest is a celebration of open-source organized by DigitalOcean, GitHub and Twilio this year. The rules are simple, the first 50 000 who open five pull requests to open-source projects in GitHub will get a cool free T-shirt from DigitalOcean and friends.

In the spirit of supporting open-source, we (the guys from Tuxcon) organized a local meetup last Sunday. It’s the time to thank Siteground for their help and support and for giving us their space in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

We started with a presentation. We explained what Hacktoberfest is and what the rules are. There was some introduction to open source, what it is, how it works and how important it is for us.

After the talks, we started with the real fun part. As expected, most of the attendees have never used Git or GitHub. We created a broken fizzbuzz project to work with. We did everything from cloning and branching to forking and creating pull requests. We fixed some merge conflicts and merged a couple of features. We even talked about Vim and other editors and had some fun about issues with Windows.

It was a fun event for me, and I really hope it was educational and entertaining for everyone.